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Hail Damage Repair

We Repair Hail Damaged Cars and Trucks

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Has your car or truck been dented by hail?

  • Paintless dent repair is clearly the most revolutionary, most exciting system to hit the automotive industry in decades.
  • DENT MENDERS was the first in the Tri-State area established in 1992.

We are the Paintless Dent Removal Experts

Dentless Fender Repair work examples
  • Remove door dings, hail damage, etc.
  • Many types of minor damage can be removed from automobiles without the use of conventional body shop methods like sanding, body filling or painting.
  • We don’t alter the original factory finish!
  • Owners can refurbish damaged vehicles back to their original condition without altering the original factory finish.
  • Peace of mind. The entire process can be accomplished in less time than conventional methods require. In most cases, a dent can be removed in less than an hour.
  • Local Warranty.

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